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know where they are. someone is with them somewhere. so we need them to call us. we need them to come home. >> the family recently posted on facebook that there has still been no financial activity, no social media activity, no communication at all from the couple. but they are holding out hope. jamie neal's coworkers at an east bay bike shop launched an effort to find the couple posting flyers and setting up a fundraiser. cate caugiran, kpix 5. the coast guard searched through the night but still no sign of the family reporting the distress call out in the pacific. officials released the call for help hoping someone might recognize the man's voice. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the charmblow. we are abandoning ship. >> that call came a day and a half ago and the coast guard still isn't sure exactly where it came from. air national guard is helping with the search that's focused 65 miles offshore from monterey
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right now. now, the last call said a husband and wife and two young children were abandoning a sinking sailboat hoping to stay afloat on a makeshift raft. we asked the coast guard if this might have been a hoax. they say it's possible since they have not found anything in the area, no boat, no nothing. also, there are no reports of missing boats or people at any california ports, as well. a couple who died while scuba diving off carmel are identified asvladimir and marina butski. their equipment was working. a state parks official says the spot where they were diving whaler cove is shallow and safe. a standoff in east oakland is over. it began yesterday afternoon near 87th avenue and birch street. police are providing no details
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about what happened. neighbors say though police told them they were serving a search warrant at the time. a man connected to a murder cause was reportedly holed up in an apartment there. the standoff blocked streets in the area for hours but all is clear at this time. bail at $26 million for a west sacramento police officer under arrest after a five-month investigation. sergio alvarez is accused of assaulting women while he worked alone on the graveyard shift. victims range in age from 20 to 47. investigators say some of the assaults happened in alvarez's patrol car. >> i'm just appalled and sickened that someone who is put in a position of trust would violate that trust. >> alvarez faces 35 felony charges. he is married and has three children. section suspects in a fatal san francisco shooting return to court today for a preliminary hearing.
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the suspects face various charges in connection with a man and woman who were found bound and gagged on a city street in december. the man had been shot and later died. checking other bay area headlines now, tonight officials in san bruno will discuss the troubling topic of gun violence. the city council is considering a resolution that would support assistance at state and federal levels. tonight city council meeting begins at 7:00. another milestone this afternoon for the upcoming america's cup yacht race. a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned at a new cruise ship terminal at the port of san francisco. that will be the headquarters for the 34th america's cup. >> you said you saw some boats on the water? >> i think the oracle boat was out there on a beautiful day on the bay and more to come. >> no kidding. i like it. >> only getting better. hard to believe. winter is winding down but it seemed look it ended in december. we haven't had a whole lot of
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rain since then. nice start to the day, patchy fog at the coast, otherwise looking good so far. they are working on those new lights there on the bay bridge, looking good this morning. looks like temperatures not too bad. 30s and some 40s to begin with today and some of that patchy fog out toward the immediate coast. still, as we head toward the afternoon, weak reg ridge strong enough to keep the jet to the north so the storm staying in that direction and we stay dry here. toward the latter part of the week we could see temperatures approaching 70 or higher. temperatures for today not bad. average usually in the low to about the mid-60s. i think we're right just about there, maybe a little above the average in santa rosa at of 66. 64 in concord. and 58 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather coming up in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have a view now of traffic coming into san francisco via that 280 extension. this is a live look at 280 and
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mariposa. those taillights are northbound traffic towards the at&t ballpark, king street. it's light in both directions of 280. to our maps, and we do have some overnight roadwork still in lanes. a lot of it is wrapped up now that we're past 5:00 but traveling through daly city southbound 280 by highway 1, various lanes blocked scheduled until 7:00 this morning. and they are projecting some sort of police investigation on southbound van ness avenue on city streets in san francisco. south van ness is closed between 17th and 18th. you can easily get around this by using folsom or mission streets as your alternates. back to you guys. >> thank you. a foam fight in san jose. later today city leaders will vote on banning styrofoam food containers and local restaurants are rallying against the idea. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose this morning and elissa, restaurant owners say it could drive away business. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. because basically styrofoam is cheap.
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if restaurants have to find an alternative they will to have to pay more and will raise prices to offset the extra costs. the city council will vote today whether or not to ban styrofoam food containers. if they do, san jose would be the largest city in the country to do so. styrofoam is harmful to the environment, not biodegreatable and contributes to up to 15% of the city's litter and can cause harm to animals. but it's inexpensive at many restaurants often used for to- go boxes or hot coffee cups. restaurants would be forced to use alternative packaging. the san jose silicon valley chamber of conference and california restaurant association argue that the ban would hurt businesses here and instead they want to find a way to recycle the foam. 70 california cities already ban styrofoam cups and food containers and san jose got rid of plastic bags last year. if the city council votes to move forward, this would be a phasing out process so we actually wouldn't see any changes until january of next
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year. in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. 5:08. a federal court gives a reprieve to an oyster farm in the point reyes national seashore. a panel of three judges from the nonet circuit court of appeals granted an injunction yesterday to allow the drakes bay oyster company to stay open for the time being. the owners are challenging a decision by the interior secretary, ken salazar, to deny a permit extension. >> they can rule at that point only that we can't be shut down while the lawsuit's under way. and then at the end of the lawsuit, which will be however long, a year, year and a half, then final decisions will be made. >> the appeals court cited hardship for 30 workers who would lose their jobs. the court put the case on a fast track schedule. arguments will be heard in san francisco in mid-may. massive federal spending cuts set to kick in on friday and no sign of progress in washington on efforts to avoid it. today president obama plans to visit a virginia shipbuilding
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company that would be affected by cuts to the military. the president and other democrats are calling for a package of targeted cuts and tax increases. republican leaders say all the savings should come from reduced spending. >> you know, the president proposed this sequester, yet he is far more interested in holding campaign rallies than he is in urging his senate democrats actually to pass a. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off anytime with just a little bit of compromise. >> if all sides cannot come together and reach an agreement before friday, $85 billion would automatically be cut from domestic and defense budgets. the senate is set to vote today to end debate on the confirmation for chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. hagel is expected to clear the 60-vote hurdle to end the debate and send it to final
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debate. the senate finance is expected to approve jack lew for his post. papal transition, what the pope will be called after he leaves office. >> plus, round 2 another relentless storm slams much of the u.s. how crews plan to deal with the record snowfall. >> how about this? image altered. what iran state media had to say about first lady michelle obama's oscar dress. all coming your way. '/÷za mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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after dealing with a major blizzard, just last week. hitting welcome back. the nation's midsection is going through another big winter storm after dealing with a major blizzard just last week. it's not letting up. right now the storm is hitting parts of kansas and missouri. snow and strong winds brought to north texas and surrounding areas yesterday forcing highway closures and cutting power to thousands of people. so far, two deaths are linked to the storm. one each in kansas. another in oklahoma. stores are selling a lot of weather-related supplies, as well. >> customers buying generators, ice melt, stuff like that, snow shovels. >> whatever they can get their hands on. a stat of emergency has been declared in kansas city, missouri. we have some live pictures out of kansas city right now. you can't see a whole lot. a lot of flights have been
5:13 am
canceled at airports in the region. so call your airline in advance if you are flying to the nation's midsection today. even up in the northeast they have had a lot of snow in new york and up in new england, as well. >> i don't know about you, elizabeth, but i'm glad we don't have to deal with that here. we're just having eternal sunshine. kids are probably enjoying snow days. bet they miss that. outside, it's dry, not a raindrop in sight and we really haven't seen any big incidents on the road, either. it's been relatively quiet. now that we're on 5:15, that overnight roadwork the bulk of it is peretti much out of -- is pretty much out of here. southbound 880 we saw roadwork overnight in oakland between fruitvale and high street. and then farther south in san leandro. all lanes are open. easy ride to the oakland airport. to the maps a check of the south bay. those live drive time sensors still showing top speeds everywhere you go. there is some overnight roadwork on the fremont on-ramp
5:14 am
to northbound 85. that remains closed until about 6:00 this morning. so that is the latest word from caltrans. checking the east bay and the rest of the bay area, here's a look at the north bay actually coming through the golden gate bridge. a few headlights there making their way towards doyle drive. saw the lane change trucks drive by a little earlier so now all lanes in the commute direction there are open towards traffic heading towards san francisco and the marina area. westbound 4 through antioch picking up a little slowing off the antioch bridge. 54 miles per hour. but it's looking great all the way towards the concord area. and westbound 580 through the altamont pass a little sluggish maybe just beginning out of tracy near 205 eastbound approaching north greenville to north flynn. various lanes blocked, three lanes blocked until 11:0 this morning. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all reporting no delays as far
5:15 am
as mass transit goes. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." for more on our sunshine-filled forecast, here's lawrence. >> yeah, really lots of sunshine around the bay area. as you head out the door this morning, we have a couple of patches of fog out toward the coastline. otherwise clear inside the bay and the valleys. 30s and 40s now. mid- to upper 60s inland this afternoon. 60s and plenty of sunshine inside the bay and cool at the coastline, highs there still in the 50s. as we look toward the pacific, canada find a storm system at least not for us. all that energy continues to bounce to the north. can't find a storm system at least not for us. the storm is staying north. we keep things mild and dry around the bay area. we could see something coming our way saturday night into sunday. but just a slight chance of rain. if you are traveling today, sfo
5:16 am
looking good. no problems there. snow in denver. rain and snow in chicago. rain in new york at 52 degrees. around the bay today we'll find plenty of sunshine and temperatures as high as 64 degrees in san jose. 65 in campbell. and 65 degrees in cupertino. east bay numbers plenty of sunshine as high as 67 in brentwood, 65 in napa and 64 in vallejo. inside the bay we'll find 58 degrees in san francisco. and about 66 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days these temperatures continue to warm up maybe even seeing some numbers moving into the low 70s as we head in toward friday. over the weekend, there is a weak storm system that approaches the bay area to bring more clouds, cooler weather and just a slight chance of maybe a drop or two overnight on saturday night into sunday. >> we love the sunshine but we need some moisture in the area. >>absolutely. we're only 80% of normal. >> we won't be washing cars or doing anything this summer if it keeps up. a major japanese early is canceling all flights on the
5:17 am
787 dreamliner through may. all nippon airways has 17 of the planes made by boeing. they have been grounded around the world since mid-january because of a risk of battery fires. the cancelled ana flights include trips between san jose and tokyo. ana has the most dreamliner of any airline. the civil trial against bp is and way in new orleans. -- is under way in new orleans. justice department lawyers said yesterday that bp is responsible for most of the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. 11 workers died when the deepwater horizon rig exploded. bp blames the company that owned the oil rig, transocean. if the oil giant is found guilty, it could pay billions in damages. looks like michael jackson's mother will be able to sue a concert promoter in connection with his death. she claims the promoter aeg live had control over dr. conrad murray, who is in prison for involuntary manslaughter of jackson. aeg argues that morery was
5:18 am
already treating jackson before it got involved with the two. pope benedict xvi will be known as emeritus pope and will continue to wear white after his retirement. the vatican says one symbol of the papacy, the red shoes worn by the pope, will be replaced by a favorite pair of hand crafted brown loafers. as for the upcoming conclave to choose his replacement, los angeles cardinal roger mahony plans to attend, despite his covering up pedophile priests. >> i'm glad to see he left and look forward to seeing him there. >> more than 100 cardinals will gather at the vatican starting thursday. michelle obama's surprise oscar appearance looks different in iran. she was covered up. the photo is altered to include sleeves on her dress and the high neckline there on the
5:19 am
right. iran has laws that restrict showing image of female bodies in the media. the white house hasn't commented. she looks good in either picture. looks fabulous. >> the magic of photoshop. >> apparently. it looksic look they didn't do anything. it's 5:20 right now. coming up, the giants manager's son makes his spring training debut. >> plus, snapping a nine-game losing streak. the last-second steal that earned our play of the day. coming your way. >> so what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination on our website, very easy to do, at we may come out and feature your school right here on our show.
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activate your 5% cash back at good morning. welcome back. checking traffic conditions around the bay area this tuesday morning, golden gate, bay bridge and san mateo bridge all moving at the limit and all your overnight roadwork on the approaches have been cleared. we'll have more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on kpix 5. checking the cactus league with the giants playing the white sox. >> bruce bochy's son brett got a rude awakening in his spring debut. he came in with the bases loaded and gave up a ground- rule double. not good. and on the next pitch, seth low man says see you later. that's a three-run bomb.
5:23 am
rough outing for the younger bochy. giants blew a 9-0 lead and settled for a tie with the white sox, 9-9 in arizona. high storing as. josh reddick in right going, going, diving. nice grab. and then josh donaldson showing he can place third base. nice little scoop. fly and chop. gets his man at first. however, the as gave up 14 runs and 10 hits and lose to the indians 14-10 but it doesn't matter. they don't count. this morning's play of the day comes from the world of college basketball. seton hall's tom mayan with a steal setting up the game winner. the steal, the three-pointer, and it's good. seton hall beats villanova 66- 65. and let the madness begin. we're about what, two, three weeks away from a lot of college hoops right here on cbs. it's 5:25 right now. do it yourself detectives.
5:24 am
the gutsy bay area neighbors who are solving their own crimes instead of calling police. >> and a hot air balloon explodes plummets to the ground. the latest on the crash that killed more than a dozen tourists in egypt. >> plus new clues from peru about a bay area couple who vanished there. we'll tell you why the family is holding out hope.
5:25 am
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p switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. somebody knows where garrett and jamie neal are. >> new search for a bay area couple in peru. >> the couple was spotted as recently as last week. >> good news for the drakes bay oyster company and good news for people who like oysters around the bay area. >> an oyster farm catches a break in its battle with the feds. >> it's something we have been
5:28 am
waiting for so long. >> you have to walk around your house with a gun to feel safe. >> oakland residents become do it yourself detectives. >> in a neighborhood that started to feel like the wild west, people have taking to posting wanted signs. >> you can see behind me what we're dealing with. >> another winter blizzard slamming the plains states. >> she's my baby. i can't let her go. >> a bald eagle escapes from a bay area zoo and we're there for the rescue. >> why are you smiling? >> because i never seen a eagle before. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. we are begin with some breaking news. a deadly hit-and-run down in san jose. with the latest, we'll go to liz. >> the roads are closed as
5:29 am
police continue the investigation. the word is that intersection is shut down completely at monterey road and bellevue avenue. around 1 a.m. a woman was crossing the street, hit by a car. the driver never stopped, left the scene. monterey road pretty big thoroughfare in the area. you can use 7th -- you can use 7th or tenth in the meantime. police are still looking for the driver. we'll have a live report on that plus a lot more traffic coming up. >> thank you. in egypt this morning at least 18 people are dead after a hot air balloon burst into flames and plunged 1,000 feet down to the ground. the balloon was carrying foreign tourists over the ancient city of luxor. it went down in a sugar cane field. three survivors now being treat at a hospital. so far, there are no reports that any of the victims are from north america. there is no official cause either, but one investigators say it appears the pilot as landing cable got caught around a helium tube. ee jupiter is now suspending all balloon flights. word this morning of recent
5:30 am
contact of the bay area couple missing in south america. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom this morning with new possibilities from peru and cate, serge giving the family some hope. >> reporter: that's right. we spoke with a woman who says she saw the two as recently as february 16th and this news comes as two families are holding out hope. here's video from peruvian tv that shows jamie neal and her boyfriend, garrett hand, apparently on a bus to lima last month. the couple was on a bicycle tour of south america and had been keeping in touch with family and friends on social media. the last messages a month ago but kpix 5 spoke with a hostile operator in northeastern peru. she told us the couple stayed at her hostel twice. she thinks they might still be in the area on a spiritual retreat. jamie neal's sister is worried. >> i haven't seen a video of her civilians january 25th. so to me, anything could have happened civilians then, you know? i hope that she is just having
5:31 am
a blast. >> reporter: jamie's coworkers at as east bay bike shop have launched an evident to find them. they have posted flyers and set:a fund to raise money. their last facebook post says no communication at all from the couple or social media or financial activity. cate caugiran, kpix 5. still no sign of a family reported in trouble at sea despite a search that continues through the night. the coast guard wants to know if you recognize the voice making this mysterious mayday call. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. this is the charmblow. we are abandoning ship. >> there is still no sign of the 29-foot sailboat that supposedly sank 65 miles offshore from monterey sunday evening. the coast guard is still looking with help from the national guard. the couple who radioed in the distress call said they were ditching on a makeshift raft with two children in tow. so far there's been no sign of
5:32 am
them or any wreckage. no boats have been reported missing from any california marina, and no one seems to have ever heard of the charmblow. however, the coast guard was still expanding its search to hawaii, the seattle area and north into canada. a long standoff is over in east oakland that began yesterday afternoon near 87th and birch street. police are providing the details. -- are providing no details. witnesses saw people handcuffed and investigators told them they were serving a search warrant. a man connected to a murder case was reportedly holed up in an apartment there and the fbi and bomb squad were said to be involved. the standoff blocked off streets in the area for hours but all is clear this morning in oakland. and some people in oakland aren't even bothering to call the cops anymore. instead, they are trying to solve the problems themselves. they are walking the streets of the city's arcadia park neighborhood looking out for anything suspicious. one home in the area was broken
5:33 am
into twice in a 24-hour span. >> called 911 when the men tried to kick into his room. >> surveillance cameras captured these images of three men casing a home moments before it was ransacked. about 25 arcadia park homes have been burglarized in the last two months alone. 5:34. let's check the weather. >> lawrence, would call this boring. we say fabulous. we are pushing 70 into the weekend. >> can you believe it? really feeling like spring around the bay area. today patchy fog at the coastline. lots of sunshine coming our way. enjoy it. you never know when it's all going to change. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s right now. couple of patches of fog right out toward the coastline. otherwise, nice and clear. the storm track stays to the north. wish we could get rain but not the case. high pressure holding it up to the north so we're staying dry. the pacific northwest continues to get hit with those storms. we're on the south side staying dry for a little bit. this afternoon, plan on 65 degrees in cupertino.
5:34 am
should be about 64 in san jose. and 63 degrees in santa clara. as you head to the east bay, as high as 66 degrees in antioch today, 65 at walnut creek and 64 degrees in pleasanton. and then as you head inside the bay we'll see some sunshine cooler coastside though. those numbers running in the 50s. about 58 degrees in san francisco. we will have more on the possibility of some of those 70- degree temperatures coming up in just a few minutes, guys. back to you. >> all right, lawrence. thank you. a battle over food containers and pollution in san jose. later today, city leaders will vote on banning styrofoam. and local restaurants are rallying against the idea. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose this morning on why they say it could drive some business away. elissa. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. well, the reason is because styrofoam is cheap. one coffee cup like this only costs about 2 to 3 cents if you buy in bulk. other cups could cost about 3 times that much. so today, the city council will vote whether or not to ban styrofoam food packaging in san
5:35 am
jose if they decide to move forward this would be the largest city in california to do so. 70 other cities in california currently ban the foam arguing that it pollutes waterways, is toxic to animals, is not bay i don't degradable and saturates landfills. in san jose, styrofoam makes up, up to 15% of the city's litter. if passed, businesses would be required to use alternative packaging which would be pricier. a clam shell popular with to-go orders would increase from 12 cents to about 24 cents. now, the chamber of commerce and california restaurant association both oppose the ban saying it would affect businesses and customers. shops might actually have to raise their prices to adjust. some other bay area cities that no longer allow foam food containers include san francisco, palo alto, oakland, and berkeley. so again the city council votes today. if they skied to move forward, this will be a phasing out process so we actually won't see changes until january of
5:36 am
next year. in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. an oyster farm in the point reyes national seashore has won a break from a federal court. a panel of three judges from the ninth circuit court of appeals granted an injunction that will allow the drakes bay oyster company to stay open for the time being. the owners are challenging a decision to deny a permit extension. arguments will be heard in san francisco in may. today is the 20th anniversary of the first attack on the world trade center. thousands were injured and several killed when a truck bomb struck a garage in 1993. today the port authority will present a plaque to relatives of those killed if the first attack. the parents of trayvon martin will be in new york for a delight vigil to remember their son killed a year ago in
5:37 am
sanford, florida. neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman will go on trial in june for second-degree murder saying he shot the man in self-defense. a rocket has been fired from the gaza strip into israel. damage is confined to a road in southern israel. there are no reports of any injuries. it's the first such rocket from the palestinian territory to land in israel since the israeli gaza fighting last november. the vatican is now answering a couple of lingering questions about this week's retirement of pope benedict xvi. there are issues that haven't been dealt with in 6 centuries since the last time a pope retired. benedict xvi will be known as emeritus pope and will continue to wear white. as for the upcoming conclave to choose his replacement, los angeles cardinal roger mahony plans to attend and that's despite allegations he covered up pedophile priests. a former san francisco archbishop stands by mahoney.
5:38 am
>> i believe he should be at the conclave and i look forward to seeing him there. >> more than 100 cardinals will gather at the vatican starting thursday. the market trying to bounce back today. what sparked the biggest sell- off on wall street in months. >> and the bombshell at yahoo. the popular perk employees have to give up or quit.
5:39 am
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expected. so much snow has take a look at these blizzard conditions. this is amarillo, texas. up to 8" of snow is expected. so much snow has already fallen that cars are stuck on roads and texans are being urged to just stay indoors. stay home. a state of emergency is declared in kansas city, missouri, where it's wet, cold and snowy. hundreds of flights are canceled at airports in the region so call your airline in advance if you are flying out that way. it is a mess on the east coast and in the middle there. >> honestly, i love the snow. i really do. i think it's fun to sled and play in. but when i lock at pictures like that, i'm glad we're here. >> no kidding. shoveling snow and, yeah, cleaning off the windshield, no, i don't think so! but you know that whole storm system sliding to the northeast so yeah, we are going to be hearing more of that in the
5:42 am
coming days. outside we are basking in sunshine around the bay area enyce temperatures, starting out with 30s and 40s. i think by the afternoon, mid- to upper 70s in some of the valleys. you will see a lot of 60s inside the bay. and 50s out toward the coastline. high pressure sending the jet stream to our north keeping us dry. storms heading to the pacific pacific while we keep things on the dry and the mild side. and that's the way it's going to stay looks like for the next few days. so remaining dry for now. maybe a hint of something coming in over the weekend. but even that doesn't look very impressive. how about 68 degrees today in sacramento, 64 in fresno, 56 degrees in yosemite and sunny and bright and 44 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay today, we'll find those numbers into the 60s in the south bay. 64 los gatos. we have 63 in santa clara and 61 degrees in fremont. 57 in half moon bay. numbers as high as 67 degrees today in brentwood. 67 also in fairfield and about 65 degrees in the napa valley. santa rosa checking in at 66
5:43 am
and sunny today. should be about 60 in sausalito. and about 63 degrees in oakland. 58 in san francisco. more sunshine at the end of the week some of the temperatures in the low 70s. weak system slides in saturday night into sunday. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> some lanes are blocked in san jose as police continue their investigation into an overnight fatal accident. and we are getting our first live pictures from the scene now. this is at monterey road and bellevue, they are trying to recreate the crime scene. it happened around 1 a.m., a woman crossing the street hit by a car. the driver never stopped. so police tell us that driver kept going left the scene entirely and they are still looking. monterey road a big thoroughfare. some lanes are getting by. it's only the southbound lanes
5:44 am
of monterey road that remain shut down between cottage grove and bellevue avenue. so you want to avoid the area, use 7th or 10th in the meantime. on the maps we'll show you the better location of where this is. the accident happened at monterey and bellevue. that is right there in san jose. we'll have a live report from the scene also coming up here very shortly. elsewhere the rest of the bay area, things are improving on city streets in san francisco. we were watching a investigation on south van ness shut down for a block between 17th and 18th. all lanes are now back open. and showing you some live traffic cameras from around the bay area, here's a live look at milpitas, 880/237, and over at the bay bridge things are flowing nicely. no metering lights yet. back to you guys. >> thank you. the stock market will try to bounce back from its biggest one day sell-off from since november. investors are worried about gridlock in italy following
5:45 am
efforts to reform its economy. the dow was down 216 while the nasdaq fell 45. investors will be listening closely to fed chairman ben bernanke on capitol hill testifying before the senate banking committee about whether the fed will slow down or stop its bond buying program. tomorrow ben bernanke will appear before the house committee on financial services. and a new survey finds americans are still struggling to save in the aftermath of the recession. here with tips to help you increase your nest egg, jill schlesinger, editor at large for and jill, i guess first question, where do we stand? >> reporter: says saving has stalled after the past two years. just 55% of americans have more emergency savings than credit card debt. a quarter admit to carrying more debt on plastic than money in the bank. 16% say they have no credit card debt but no savings so that means 40% of the
5:46 am
population is living fairly close to the financial edge. >> do the results surprise you? >> reporter: you know, not really because during the recovery from the recession, real income meaning when we adjusted for inflation, real income per family grew by 1.7%. but don't be dismayed about this one. gains were very uneven. the top 1% of incomes grew by 1.7%, the bottom shrunk by .4%. it's hard to pay debt when your income decleans. >> no kidding. well, how about some tips and getting rid of debt and saving a little bit? >> you know, i know it's so hard. but here's what you want to do. whittle down your highest interest debt first. and then work your way down from there. once you have paid down the debt, then automatically direct the money that was going to the credit card companies to you. you want to establish an automatic savings plan with your bank. you know, i found that a lot of
5:47 am
people who used to carry debt end up being great savers. they have to capture that money and change their habits. to help you out on, we have the best ways to save money in 2013. >> you know, it's so true. if you just put that money away on your paycheck like you never got it before and put it into savings, you forget about it. >> you don't miss it. >> reporter: that's right. >> all right, you always have good tips, jill. thank you so much. well, it is the talk of the workplace this morning. sunnyvale-based yahoo's new ceo marissa mayer has told her employees they can no longer work at home. the hr department outlined the change in a memo and here's part of that memo. "to become the absolute best place to, would, communication and collaboration will be important so we need to be working side by side. workers who currently telecommute have in any june to either get comfy working out of the office or find another job. mayer is trying to turn yahoo around and has said the company needs to innovate faster.
5:48 am
so some big changes. >> yeah. and i think a lot of the tech companies a lot of people do work from home. >> that's true. >> so it's going to be a big change. >> parents, daycare issues, all that. see where it goes. time now 5:49. meet the 8th grader who may be the next big thing in football it eagle has landed. a bird of prey escapes a bay area zoo and our cameras were local as handlers finally caught up with her. you will meet her next. [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. good morning. breaking news out of san jose. police are investigating a feat
5:51 am
tal accident. it happened on monterey road. we'll tell you more on what happened and what's still blocked off coming up. traffic in just a few minutes. and we are seeing plenty of sunshine around the bay area. a lot of trees are blooming. the pollen count is moderate but we have more nice days ahead. that will change things. we'll talk about that coming up. new this morning the disturbing sta tis stock exchange about teenaged drives. there's a big jump in the number of them being killed in traffic accidents in the first half of last year a 19% jump in teen drivers killed in crashes. drivers were 16 and 17 years of age. there has been a dramatic drop in such deaths though from 2000 through 2011. california cars could soon give you a little reminder of where your food comes from. the california agriculture license plate is the first new specialty license plate in 11 years featuring a yellow sunburst over a field of crops. california by the way is the nation's leading farm state. proceeds from this plate will
5:52 am
go to the national future farmers of america, 4h and other agriculture educational programs. a bald eager is safely back at the palo alto zoo. >> the bald eagle was away since saturday. a 24-year-old bird named sequoia got spooked and wandered off during a flying exercise. then her handlers tracked her with a radio receiver along menlo park 101. they tried to entice her with quail and mice. finally after three days on the lam, she decided know to the go cold and hungry anymore. >> i was really happy. concentrating on holding on food tight because she can snatch it in a fly by and hoped she wouldn't veer off. >> the zoo says the incidents actually offer impromptu lessons on nature for children. sequoia wandered off 8 times in the past 24 years. they live into the 30s.
5:53 am
i didn't know that. so she has probably another five to 10 years. >> they are gorgeous. he is only in middle school and he may just be the next big thing in football. he is a big boy. but this is crazy. check it out. university of alabama has offered a scholarship to an 8th grader named dylan moses from baton rouge. he will be eligible to play college football in 2017. not even his first offer. apparently lsu came aknockinned off him a scholarship while in the 7th grade. he said, no, i'll wait until the 8th grade and he ops for alabama because they just keep winning. >> does this happen regularly? >> i have never heard of an 8th grader. >> i have heard of sophomore juniors in high school especially for basketball but this kid is a big runningback. >> what about the tenth grade he wants to be a veterinarian. >> he will get a free ride at alabama. >> i guess so. >> 5:55. in the next half hour a wake-up
5:54 am
call. how one week of bad sleep can change your body. >> new clues about the bay area couple who vanished in peru. a woman who saw them just days ago telling kpix 5 where they may have been headed. coming your way. >> and we're following breaking news from san jose. police are searching for a hit- and-run driver who struck and killed a woman this morning. we'll have the latest details from the scene.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. breaking news in san jose. a woman killed while crossing the street. police searching for a hit-and- run driver. >> we need them to call us. we need them to come home. >> new information on the bay area couple who went missing in peru. the clues from a woman who saw them just days ago. >> a weather repeat around the bay area today. could we see some changes and maybe some rain coming up? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are just hearing
5:58 am
about a new injury crash on northbound 880 involving a garbage truck and it's approaching the downtown oakland exit. we'll have more coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 26. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. happening right now, a search in the south bay for the car and driver who hit and killed a woman crossing the street. >> kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington at the scene. >> reporter: police say that the woman was crossing the street here along monterey road crossing at bellevue avenue when she was hit by a car and killed. at this point, southbound monterey is closed between cottage grove avenue and bellevue while police investigate this deadly hit-and- run. this happened at around 1 a.m. when officers arrived finding that woman who had been hit by a car. she was transported to the hospital and was pronounced dead less than an hour later.
5:59 am
the driver didn't stop and witnesses saw that driver leaving the scene. they described to police a dark colored vehicle traveling southbound on monterey road. at this point, police have been walking up and down the road with flashlights collecting evidence and haven't released the victim's name. in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. as you saw, monterey road is busy. so while those southbound lanes are shut down, southbound monterey road is closed between cottage and bellevue avenue, you can use 7th or 10th. i want to take you out to oakland now because we are just getting word of a new crash and it doesn't sound good. northbound 880 approaching the broadway exit. the accident involved several cars including a garbage truck. there is a lot of glass debris in the road. and police are telling us likely injuries involved. again, this is northbound 880 approaching the broadway exit close to downtown oakland. up to three of the left lanes could be

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